Our Sunday school lessons for the 7th Year Parish-1 Headquarters are held weekly for the children in a separate environment distinct from the adult services.  This is because we believe that children are heritage of the Lord as can be seen in the book of Psalm 127:3 from the Holy Bible.

In this Parish, we allow our children to grow along the Celestial doctrines in the context of sound biblical doctrines without compromising their education.  We believe that the Almighty God is the God of all flesh and He is only one God (Deuteronomy 6:4) “For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. Our Parish place a great emphasis on Sunday School education because we believe that our children are for signs and wonders as it is written in the book of Isaiah 8:18. Children are therefore given the choice to do this with implied consent from their parents or careers.


Among other biblical doctrines we teach tenets of Celestial Church of Christ as revealed to the Pastor Funder of the Church Prophet SBJ Oshoffa:

  • Children will therefore now fully understand why the Celestial worldwide puts on white raiment (garment) during worship hours. This is according to the Holy Bible in books of 19:8, Rev.7:9, Rev. 4:4.
  • They also will understand why they should not wear shoes in the house of worship, according to the book of Exodus 3:5 in the Holy Bible.
  • Burning of candles in the church according to the Book of Exodus 40:24-25.
  • Burning of incense in the church according to the same book of Exodus 40: 27
  • Other biblical doctrines


We also teach our children the existence and roles of the following key players in every Parish worldwide namely, Shepherd, Administrators, Prophetic Ministry, Women Ministry, Evangelist, Mother Celestials Choirs, Usher, Media etc.

Children are taught how to conduct services in Celestial churches, as all services worldwide are conducted in the same way. This is true because the book of Proverb 22:6 has made it so clear that we should train up a child so that when he is old, he will not depart from it.

The primary teaching focuses on foundational events, e.g. the name of the church, name of the parish, name of the Shepherd, address of the church, time of Sunday worship etc.

Also, the traditional greetings when two or more Celestians meet with each other e.g. by saying ‘Haleluya’ to one another is also emphasized.

Also, children are taught the daily and weekly lessons as published in the Celestial web worldwide.

They are taught the various stories of the Bible e.g. stories of Joseph, Moses, David, Esther, etc.

They are taught Celestial songs from the Celestial Hymn Book.

They are taught how to evangelise to people.

They are also taught the importance of prayers and how to conduct same.

They are taught the Ten Commandments and to obey all the Commandments

They are taught to respect their parents, school teachers and everybody. This is seen in the Book of Ephesians 6:1-2.

They are taught not to tell lies and bear false witness.

They are taught to given more time and attention to their school work and studies.

Children are handled by dedicated Sunday School Teachers and are provided with refreshment frequently.


In this event, children usually dressed colourfully to sing and dance, as well as evangelising the words of the Holy Bible.  Gifts are usually presented to the children in the range of 1st, second and third prize to encourage and motivate them subsequently.


Children are trained to perform in other special event that may hold in the church.  These events may take the form of Juvenile Harvest celebration, Mother’s Day Celebration, Father’s Day Celebration, Easter Celebration, Christmas Carol and other events that may not have been contemplated.

In all these events, children usually treat the audience with various packs of dance styles, songs and bible ministration.


Children are often exposed to various Bible quiz competitions to boost their knowledge and further understanding of the Holy Bible.

Finally, we welcome all children from other churches worldwide without discrimination to race or religion.